Greg Heffley is the main character in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He is the lightest kid in the class.

Greg's FamilyEdit

Greg has a older and a younger brother. His older brother is Rodrick and the younger brother is Manny. Greg doesn't like any of them. Greg's mom is Susan and his dad is Frank. Rodrick is somewhere at the age of 18. Manny is somewhere like 3.

Friendship With RowleyEdit

Greg's best friend is Rowley Jefferson. He sometimes is jealous at Rowley. The friendship separated apart between the both of them in the middle of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But in the end of the book they became friends again. The friendship separated again in Dog Days. Soon, Rowley's parents invited Greg to the beach. Greg wanted to go because he wants to ride the "Cranium Shaker." The vacation made friendship between the two even farther.


Birthdate: somewhere in 1997


Diary of a Wimpy Kid Age 12

Rodrick Rules Age 13

The Last Straw Age 13

Dog Days Age 13 and 14

Personality Edit

Greg says he is not good at anything except video games. He is dating Holly Hills.


Greg is dating Holly hills.

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